Incredible Indiana – Venturing into Travel Videography

incredible indiana

Classes concluded yesterday at Apprentice University. While I enjoyed my courses, I am already loving my free time. Well, my free time today. I will be taking the rest of this month to plan out my 2020 (ack!! I cannot believe we only have seventeen more days left in December 2019!).

On that note, one of my classes this session was Advanced Digital Storytelling. I had to create a video for my capstone project, but the exact criteria were up to me. Embracing my freedom, I decided to explore my interest in travel videography. Below, you can view my preview to what will (hopefully) be a short film or, perhaps, a YouTube series, featuring my home state’s incredible nature, culture, and people. Enjoy!

Please let me know in the comments your thoughts on the preview and any ideas for this project!

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