Professional Profile

Faith Murrell

I am a lifelong learner. I constantly seek to develop my skills, acquire new ones, and widen my knowledge. I enjoy sharing my love of learning with others, cultivating a spirit of curiosity and wonder in the young students I have the privilege of teaching; engaging in Socratic discussions with peers and mentors; and sharing the knowledge and ideas on the human experience through writing.

I am an imaginative visionary. With effort, intelligence, collaboration, and trial and error, almost anything is possible. I am constantly asking the question, “What if?” At the same time, though, I am a practical realist. The most brilliant, well thought-out plans go wrong. Hence, the “what if” is quickly followed by, “Is this going to work?” I believe the people who accomplish the most with their lives are those who dream big, work hard, and try, try again.

Work Experience

Podcast Co-Host & Producer Time Two Talk

June 2020 – Present

  • Developing and maintaining the creative vision of the podcast
  • Planning and preparing episode topics and interview questions
  • Hosting and recording the episodes with my co-host
  • Editing, mixing, and mastering recorded content into cohesive episodes
  • Uploading and preparing episodes for publication, including writing titles, descriptions, and show notes

Project Management Apprentice T2 Systems, Inc.

Feb 2020 – Sept 2020

  • Managing 4+ parking software projects for customers across the United States and Canada, including monitoring and controlling the project budgets and hours, facilitating meetings and communication, and developing and maintaining the project plans and timelines
  • Setting up new projects when opportunities close, reviewing project contract documents, creating the project milestone billings, generating the project schedule, communicating with the customer when necessary, and assigning the project team
  • Monitoring and controlling smaller professional services projects; writing up change orders for when a customer added or removed a product, the project timeline changed, or another reason; creating and sending closing docs, pushing billings, and updating project records when projects are completed
  • Training on SalesForce, FinancialForce, Microsoft Project, and the Project Management Toolkit resources in SharePoint, including creating a process document for SharePoint

Sales Operations Apprentice Helmer Scientific, Inc. 

Mar 2019 – Feb 2020

  • Managed several mini-projects that involved cross-functional teams: implementing a new BSI label process, transitioning Field Service to a new CRM Hub, optimizing Power BI usage
  • Worked with key stakeholders to develop reports and dashboards in Power BI for Sales, Sales Ops, and Customer Service
  • Learned Power BI and analytics and responsible for migrating four reports from Excel to BI, increasing analytics efficiencies
  • Built gross margin analyses to guide the decision-making process for special product promotions

Freelance Creative Apprentice University Simple Storylines

May 2019 – Dec 2019

  • Edited a video for Wycliffe Bible Translators on a Peruvian Scripture Celebration and New Testament Dedication
  • Managed social media and blog content for NewPro Containers to promote their message and products
  • Worked as principal videography to film promotional content for Think Then Lead, a startup consulting agency, to share their mission and vision

Marketing Apprentice ◆ NewPro Containers 

Sept 2018 – Feb 2019

  • Managed social media content calendar and platforms for six brands
  • Oversaw weekly email newsletters for a non-profit organization and NewPro clientele
  • Researched and wrote articles for NewPro and ePlanters blogs
  • Revised product lines for ePlanters and NewPro
  • Edited and published contributor posts on NewPro blog

Project Management Apprentice ◆ Apprentice University 

Mar 2018 – Sept 2018

  • Lead research projects and writing materials to summarize research 
  • Managed details for social events and student orientations
  • Attended networking events and business meetings
  • Researched, wrote, and implemented Income Share Agreements
  • Compiled documentation for IRS filings (Form 1023) to create Apprentice University Foundation
  • Planned, organized, and ran Apprentice University Summer 2018 Retreat
  • Contributed to marketing projects and preparing materials for Apprentice University and associated program events
  • Created, edited, and updated the mastery digital badging database

Project Manager & Editor Apprentice University Author Assist

2016 – 2018

  • Managing client communications
  • In-depth editing of manuscripts
  • Transcribing text
  • Coordinating the publication process
  • Designing book layout


Accomplished Apprentice Apprentice University

2018 – Present

Project Management Certificate Liberty University Online

2018 – 2019



I love brainstorming creative and resourceful ways to relate information, solve problems, or convey thoughts.


I value establishing deep connections with others whether through writing, blogging, speaking, videography, or presenting.


I enjoy analyzing the world using logical reasoning. I value thoughtfulness, objectivity, consistency, and creativity.


I desire my words and my actions to be congruent. I honor my commitments and accomplish tasks with excellence.


I appreciate working with people who think outside the box. I desire to be a supportive and responsible team member.


I have led several work projects and many group projects, setting clear guidelines and goals, implementing ideas, and ensuring efficient work.


I studied Latin and Spanish for many years, and delved into learning Russian and Koine Greek, as well as continuing to broaden my English vocabulary.


I maintain a constant learning disposition. I desire to develop an attitude of humility and flexibility in all circumstances.


I am passionate about time management, productivity, efficiency, and finding the right place for everything.

Additional Info

If you would like to learn about me, my education, awards and achievements, volunteer activities, and more, please feel free to contact me at