Fun Facts

I love reading fun facts about people, places, and things. In fact, I wrote a speech during my middle school years on Mistaken Inventions — everyday items that resulted from chance concoctions. The experience of researching for that speech sparked a love for the obscure and amusing origins and histories of individuals, events, and objects that we often taken for granted or completely pass over.

That said, I’d like to share with you some fun facts about myself! I’d love to get to know you  better as well, so please send me a message sharing what makes you, you!

word cloud

I am a taphophile. A lover of cemeteries, epitaphs, gravestones, the memory of past lives, history. In 2017, I had the amazing opportunity to visit Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, D. C. I am ever so grateful for the few hours I was able to spend walking the grounds, reading the names and dates, snapping pictures, observing the memorials–just being surrounded by so much history. I would gladly have passed the entire day at Arlington!

I am also a fledgling sesquipedalian. I’m the type of person who clicks on and reads (thoroughly) those articles on with titles such as, “Common Words with Uncommon Opposites,” “How to Woo a Word Lover,” and “The Longest English Words.” And you may never want to play Hangman with me … the words will be no less than fifteen characters long, many rarely used and with obscure definitions, others based purely on dialect, and still more well-known but overlooked words.

I don’t just collect words mentally; I collect them physically in the form of letters. I have a box in my room containing every single letter I have personally received. Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s, Halloween, best friends, Pen Pals, thank yous. I also have random crafts and pictures from family members stuffed in the box. Every year, when I spring clean my room, the letter box comes out and I spend hours looking at each note.

I love collecting letters and I also love writing them (most of the time). Several years ago, I watched a movie called The Letter Writer, in which an older gentleman spends his last years writing letters of encouragement and affirmation and sending them to hurting, confused people. I have been fascinated with the idea ever since. To me, letters, especially handwritten and handmade letters, are personal expressions; they are the action of a person gifting a small part of himself or herself to the recipient. That’s why I save every letter I receive. I am saving my history and little bits of the people in my life. It’s also why I write letters; because, since I express myself so much easier in written form, I can become part of someone else’s history by sharing myself through words.

exterior of byzantine churchinterior of gothic churchexterior of notre dame in paris francestained glass windows in a church alcoveexterior of a byzantine churchinterior of a church ceiling and windowsinterior of a church alcove

One other fun fact about myself is that I love cathedrals, specifically Gothic cathedrals. During my sophomore and junior high school years, I took a two year Art and Culture course. The teacher introduced us to the architectural achievements of the past, and I fell in love with the soaring, ephemeral style of the Gothic period, and the extravagant, colored structures of the Byzantine Empire. The way these architects communicated biblical theology through brick and mortar, glass and marble, spires and steeples amazes me. My dream is to one day travel to Europe and tour the grand cathedrals both in use and in ruins.