Faith MurrellHello, readers! My name is Faith Murrell. I am a hardcore bibliophile, music enthusiast, and aspiring travel videographer. Some of my absolute favorite activities are dancing, building puzzles, and adventuring in the great unknown (also called the outdoors).

I am currently part of the REFIT® dance community at a local church. Over the years, I’ve done liturgical dance, Ballroom, Latin, and hip-hop. I have a collection of over 45 puzzles, none of which are less than 200 pieces. I especially love building 3D puzzles! My family has taken several trips to the Smokey Mountains, out West, and, most recently, Northeast. I love experiencing nature intimately; pictures never do full justice to the sights and landscapes.

Learning is a passion. I love applying, creating, dialoguing, exploring, imagining, listening, observing, reading, studying, and writing. I am enraptured by the human experience, the human story. A story that is both universal–the story of world history–and individual–the experiences of a single person. I started this website to share that love with others and to contribute to the human story by connecting my individual experiences with people from around the world.

Among classical educators or literary circles, you sometimes hear the phrase, “the Great Conversation.” The Great Conversation is the continuous process of writers and thinkers engaging, referencing, developing, and refining the works of their predecessors. Just as we have the human story, we have the human dialogue–the Great Conversation–that spans our history. The Great Conversation addresses such topics as transcendence, beauty, knowledge, truth, morality, community, mortality, creativity, and more.

This site is my effort to participate in this Great Conversation. I seek to discuss ideas in film, dance, literature, music, and more. I want this site to be personal and philosophical, a place to share my own story, tell the stories of people from the past, and learn the stories of others now living. I seek to challenge and be challenged.Faith

I’ll share about my personal and professional life, my hopes and dreams, my booklists and video projects, along with highlighting the work of other writers, videographers, artists, creatives, educators, and more.

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